vTiger CRM

vTiger overview

vTiger CRM is a customer relation management software, used largely by medium and small-sized companies. vTiger CRM may be used to manage your organization wide CRM and Inventory Management activities, for example sales force automation, customer care & service, marketing automation, procurement & fulfillment effectively. With this experience, PremierTech team masterfully simplifies vTiger CRM so that it will in compliance with all the demands and procedures of the company.

vTiger Features and benefits :

vTiger CRM gives lots of extensibility and customization features allow your CRM resolution for meet the needs of your personal business. In cases where you would like new functionality to generally be added.
• Sales force automation
• Customer support & service
• Marketing automation
• Inventory management
• Activity management
• Security management
• Calendaring
• E-mail integration
• Phone System integration