TrueConf Server videoconferencing system is meant for organization of videoconferences, including video meetings, in local networks and via Internet with personal computers serving as video terminals, equipped with a web camera and a headset/microphone.
TrueConf Server videoconferencing system is based on the client-server technology. The client part is installed on the users’ personal computers, all that you need extra to make them terminals is a web camera and a headset/microphone. The server part is designed to be installed on any present-day server.


• An easy-to-use, fully functional Unified Communications platform
• Real SVC-based software solution: no need for transcoding or MCU.
• A secure solution which helps to protect corporate network security, and which works through a single TCP port.
• Highly secure, with SSL and AES-256 encryption.
• No direct IPs required for endpoints: easily passes Firewall, NAT and Proxy.
• No expensive equipment or installation costs required.
• Compatible with third-party H.323/SIP equipment.
• Ability to record video on the server side.
• SVC provides constant quality on variable network connections.
• WebRTC support allows remote participant to easily join conferences.
• Web-based manager application for remote server management.
• Built-in scheduler will not let you miss important meetings.
• Fully integrates with existing VoIP and videoconferencing equipment.
• Easily scales vertically and horizontally due to TrueConf Server’s large capacity and roaming support.
• Client apps available for all platforms with multi-point videoconferencing.
• Suits conferencing rooms and makes a perfect synergy to TrueConf Terminal.
• 4K support means you get great images on larger screens.
• RTSP support allows IP cameras to stream into video conference
• Flexible and affordable “per user” licensing.