Skype Video Gateway

Open to Skype your Videoconference.

SkyStone Video is the first and unique Skype™ Video Gateway available on the market easily enabling to connect the Skype™ users to your video phones, to communication clients, video conferencing or telepresence environments.
With SkyStone Video all your Customers, Partners and colleagues can easily call you via Skype™ (and also you can call them). You can finally have a meeting with one or more Skype™ users connected to your conference room system, opening your videoconference boundaries to leverage your investement.

For your conference room.

SkyStone Video is compatible with the major video conferencing and telepresence vendors, yours is certainly among them.
Based on VoIP and videoconference standard, you need a few steps to integrate it with your systems and virtually open your meeting rooms to Customers, Partners and colleagues working abroad.
For them it will be an usual Skype™ call and for you an usual videoconference.

For your video phone.

You can connect your SkyStone Video to your Cisco MCU and respond directly from your video phone or also from Cisco Jabber Desktop.
You can also call any Skype™ user from your endopoint, from your videoconferencing system, by URI Dialing (i.e. 8.john.smith) or by the correspondant configured Speed Dial (i.e. 8301 to call Skype™ user “Imagicle”).
Easy as a phone call, powerfull as a video one.

For your site.

It’s so easy that you cannot do without it. Just put in a Videocall me button to allow your customers to videocall you directly from the company site: you can answer directly from your videoconference system or from videophones connected to your Cisco UCM allowing you to use all your telephonic system features as in an usual call.