Skype Audio Gateway

Integrate Skype™ in your telephone system.

SkyStone is a software gateway that connects Skype™ to your telephone switchboard.
It lets all of your employees take advantage of Skype™ services with no need for a computer with telephone or USB headset, thereby eliminating the need to manage two phones.
Make and receive calls from customers and suppliers via Skype™ directly from your fixed phone, adding all of your telephone services to Skype™ calls.

Add PBX services to Skype™ calls.

Let your customer and suppliers call you via Skype™ (from their computer, smartphone or tablet).
You can also add all of your phone system’s services to your Skype™ calls: welcome messages, direct calls to extensions, hold and transfer, conference calls, voice mail, recording, LCR, traffic reports, etc.

Call Skype™ contacts from your phone.

Connected directly to your telephone system, SkyStone makes Skype™ available to your entire organisation, with a quick dial directory you can use it to quickly select your Skype™ contact’s number on your phone.
If you want, you can display the pre-selected account name to the called party, e.g. “mycompany” or “salesmycompany”

Add a “Call me via Skype” button on your site.

Let all of your customers call you directly from your company’s website: you can answer using the videophones connected to your phone system, so you take advantage of all of your switchboard’s services for normal calls.
Yet another way to get closer to your customers.