Predictive Dialers

Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers were created primarily to save time and increase productivity. Instead of manually entering numbers, a whole list of numbers can be pulled from different data sources. The dialer would then automatically connect answered calls to agents. This process saves a considerable amount of time, limits abuse and drives efficiency.

Do Predictive dialers work ?

Yes they do. Call Centre agents for instance, usually spend more than 80% of their time dialing numbers. Each number has to be individually entered into the phone. The phone will then connect to the customer, but there is only a 35% chance that the agent will connect with a live prospect. Typically, it takes 30 seconds to dial the number and for it connect. It takes an average customer about 10 seconds to pick up the call and on an average, each conversation lasts about 60 — 120 seconds. More than 65% of the calls are dropped due to missing customers, wrong numbers, answering machines etc. Due to these delays, agents spend more time dialing rather than answering questions, selling products and ultimately achieving targets.
Furthermore, if the onus is on the agent to make calls, chances are they won’t be making sales calls!

Comparision between predictive dialer and auto dialer
Advantages of a predictive dialer :

– Predictive dialer technology can increase agent productivity by as much as 80%. Phone numbers are put in to the system and the software will start dialing another number as soon as the agent starts to wind up a call. This can save as much as 70% of an agent’s work time increasing productivity and driving sales.
– As the software is dialing, it will start to filter calls. For instance, it will automatically create Do-Not-Call lists, rejected call lists and lists of telephone numbers that were not answered. This is particularly useful as agents can then schedule calls to selected numbers for better business and leads.
– Operating costs are lower as the software can automatically ensure higher sales and productivity from agents.
– The software can record calls for quality control and training purposes. Managers can monitor the calls or cut in if required to ensure productivity and the best possible work performance.
– Multiple databases for different campaigns can be created on the system. The agent can then switch databases to pick and choose campaigns to work on.