Network Security Solutions

Security is now an essential element of any data network. Just as it would be unthinkable for a bank to leave money sitting on the counter rather than locked away in the vault, so too it is unthinkable for an organization to not secure its data network. Security must be inherent in a network’s design, and applied thoroughly across the entire network. When security is tacked onto a network in a piecemeal fashion, it will never withstand the advanced, persistent tactics that are now the standard modus operandi of cyber-attacks.
PremierTech provides comprehensive network security solutions — securing the internal LAN infrastructure, the interface to the Internet, and connections across the Internet. Our security technology has evolved with the industry over the decades that we have been in business. We have extensive experience in end-to-end network security, and a strong track record in safeguarding our customers’ networks.
From advanced LAN authentication, wirespeed data filtering, and wired and wireless security, through to cutting-edge Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and powerful remote access solutions, PremierTech provides the full spectrum of network security technology.
1- Firewalls
Today’s online activity revolves around applications, content, and user interaction. The fundamental shift to sophisticated application usage has provided an online experience that businesses can greatly profit from. There is now increased efficiency, improved collaboration, along with new ways to manage customer interaction. However, this has also opened the door to greater security concerns. Business data is potentially vulnerable, and the rapid development of new services has introduced new types of cyber threats.
In addition to traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) routers and firewalls, PremierTech offer cutting-edge Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) to meet the challenges that endanger corporate security. Our NGFW integrated security platforms consolidate both threat protection and application control capabilities into a single device, ensuring the security of business communications.
Threat Protection
Every organization needs a security solution that can recognize and mitigate the ever-increasing range of online threats. PremierTech NGFWs provide comprehensive intrusion protection, using specialized multi-core CPUs optimized for single-pass low-latency performance. They utilize security engines and threat signature databases from the industry’s leading vendors, with regular updates for up-to-the-minute protection against malware, viruses and other cyber-attacks.
Application Control
Organizations must be able to control the applications that their people use, and how they use them. PremierTech NGFWs provide full application visibility and control.
Our Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) firewall provides real-time classification of network traffic, accurately identifying in-use applications such as, social networking, instant messaging, or file sharing. This allows very concise, fine-grained control, with rules able to govern not only which applications are allowed, but under what circumstances, and by whom. Enterprises can enforce security and acceptable use policies in ways that make sense for the business. For example, Skype chat may be allowed company wide, while Skype video calls can only be made by sales and marketing.
Web Control
Web Control provides Enterprises with a simple means to monitor and manage their employees’ web traffic for productivity, legal and security purposes. Utilizing a comprehensive filtering database, Web Control provides dynamic URL coverage, accurately assigning websites or pages into categories, and allowing or blocking website access in real-time. PremierTech Web Control boosts user productivity, ensures compliance, and saves bandwidth, all while preventing web-based threats from infecting business networks.
2- LAN Protection
The external Internet is not the only source of attacks on data networks. Attacks can just as easily be launched from within the network as from outside. Wired and wireless connections on the inside of the network constitute an ‘attack plane’ that cyber criminals will gladly exploit. Even a strong physical security system, preventing intruders from entering the building, is no guarantee of immunity from internally-launched attacks. Also, malware can easily enter the system through the unintentional actions of valid network users.
PremierTech network appliances incorporate powerful security features, including :
• Network Access Control (NAC) through complete authentication, which ensures that no device or user can gain network access without proving their credentials to do so. Features such as tri-authentication, roaming authentication, and two-step authentication control network access for locally connected and wireless users.
• Built-in security capabilities for switching, routing, and high-availability features, to guarantee total protection of network control communication.
• Secure management options, with encrypted connection to network appliances for administrators.
• Specific techniques to guard against malicious attack. Features like port security, ingress filtering, DoS attack prevention, DHCP snooping, and more protect the network from internal threats.
3- Secure Remote Access
PremierTech VPN routers and NGFWs provide secure remote access, so employees can utilize all of their digital business resources, whether they are physically inside or outside their company premises.
A VPN creates a secure tunnel over the untrusted and insecure Internet, and can encrypt the tunnelled traffic using IPsec or SSL.
An IPsec site-to-site VPN can securely connect one or more branch offices to a central office, which saves the cost of expensive leased lines, and provides workers company-wide with the same access to the corporate network.
PremierTech NGFWs also offer SSL VPNs as a convenient alternative for mobile workers. SSL VPNs are compatible with the security policies of almost all network installations, making them an ideal option for travelling staff who may need to connect to the corporate network from a variety of public-space networks.

PremierTech NGFWs use state-of-the-art VPN encryption algorithms, and will continue to integrate ever-improving algorithms to stay at the leading edge of encryption technology.