Fax Solution


With FAX Server less time is spent on sending, collecting and distributing faxes, saving your company noticeable costs. Faxes sent/received are also saved in digital format.

Fax Server consists of :
– Fax Server :
• Has a web-based or Windows based interface to monitor incoming/outgoing faxes.
• Supports multiple fax lines.
• Able to restrict access by username and password.
• Can be configured to send notifications by e-mail upon receiving/sending a fax or if there are problems with sending a fax.
– Fax Client :
• Acts as a printer from which all software can print to.
• Able to specify multiple fax numbers when sending a single document.
• Able to monitor fax server (dependant on given permissions).
Features :
• Users can view faxes online with any standard web browser
• Download your faxes in PDF format
• Recognizable fax numbers can have their faxes forwarded directly to an email address in PDF format
• Users can forward faxes via email without the need of an email client
• Enhanced cover page
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited fax lines – the number of fax lines managed by Fax Server is not limited
• Email to FAX support
• Blacklisting support using Dynamic Config RejectCall
• DID/DTMF-based routing support
• OCR support (using Tesseract) for improved keyword searching
• Address book importer for both Email addresses and Fax numbers in vCard (.vcf) format
• Multiple language support – each user can use the interface in their native language
• Fax archive – search your fax archive for received and sent faxes by company, date, category, and keyword.
Advantages :
Easily monitor and log what your users are faxing and to where
• Faxes are stored in PDF format instead of a proprietary file format
• Users on any platform use the same identical interface
• Faxes are archived on the server instead of in filing cabinets
• Eliminates multiple fax machines in a single facility
• Send faxes directly from your computer with email confirmation
• Reduces paper and toner use in both the fax machine and office printer
• Online address book helps reduce human input error
Benefits :
Adds the capability to fax direct from Microsoft Office or any other software.
• Fax to multiple recipients.
• Automatically re-fax if line was busy.
• Reduce incidence of lost faxes as all received faxes are stored digitally.
• No paper jam.
Fax Screenshots