Enterprise Network Monitoring

Enterprise Network Monitoring
Designers, programmers, and companies need to monitor their product to save them, so our products are very suitable for these special missions. We also have products to monitor large networks of Cisco devices, Linux and Unix system beside Windows system, Android and apple interfaces.
OP5 Monitoring :
OP5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT staff gain control over their operations and deliver more effective IT services for better business. Whether operating in a small but business critical IT environment or fulfilling the needs of a large organization with distributed hardware, applications and services, the op5 products monitor anything and everything. op5 customers around the world benefit from fully-supported solutions that are open and easily implemented, yet scalable for future needs.
Review op5 Monitor Features:
Server Monitoring
op5 Monitor server monitoring capabilities enables gathering of performance, capacity and availability status data from all layers and parts of the server. Regardless if it is physical, virtual, cloud based servers or organizations with distributed data centers. op5 Monitor is an advanced server monitoring software which presents health and server performance metrics in a unified view where you can customize alerts, reports and dashboards for your organization needs. You have the ability to both check basic up-time and detailed usage on all types of servers.
Server monitoring benefits :
✓ Monitor physical, virtual and cloud servers in the same place
✓ Fast root cause identification and troubleshooting
✓ Alerts and reporting capabilities
✓ Trend analysis and failure prediction
✓ Cross-platform server monitoring
✓ Accurate server capacity planning
✓ Able to handle large volumes of monitored devices and services

Virtual Monitoring
The use of virtualization platforms such as VMware, KVM and XEN creates new opportunities for IT operations, but also introduces new challenges. Usage of virtualization platforms requires control since potential problems can have serious consequences and have direct impact on business processes. Highly virtualized infrastructure requires a virtual monitoring solution that provides end to end visibility.
Virtual Monitoring Features :
✓ Monitor VMware, KVM, Xen, RHEL and more
✓ Set service level expectations with predictive thresholds
✓ Monitor services and applications running on the virtual servers
✓ Root cause analysis reduce mean-time to repair and service disruptions
✓ Seamless integration between physical and virtual infrastructure monitoring
✓ Identify storage related performance bottlenecks impacting end users
✓ Report and visualize data
✓ Dynamic approach for planning upgrades
✓ Proactive capacity planning
Cloud Monitoring
A public, private or a hybrid cloud is nothing without proper cloud monitoring. Unified visibility, control and awareness into your entire cloud infrastructure is required to handle cloud operations. op5 Monitor provides you with insight into your cloud infrastructure and all data collected is displayed unified view.
Cloud monitoring and management benefits :
✓Reporting, alerting and action scripting
✓Operational insight needed for cloud capacity planning and cloud management
✓In depth insight into health of the monitored cloud and cloud services
✓Relationship between cloud performance and behavior of hosted applications
✓With cloud monitoring you gain predictive analytics to capture trending data
✓End-to-end visibility into the performance of cloud services and their internal infrastructure
✓SLA Reports
✓Monitor Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, RHEL and more

Performance Monitoring
With more and more applications moving around in IT environment, today’s Network Managers are responsible for ensuring that office users are able to access these applications without performance problems, no matter where they are located.
op5 Monitor gives you a unified view into the performance of thousands of devices and interfaces in your network. From a single user interface, you can drill down into any element on your network to see exactly what’s happening.
Performance Monitoring features :
✓Optimum network speed, reliability and capacity – for all users, applications and network services
✓IT engineers can immediately get visibility into the performance of servers, applications and networks
✓Customize what data you want to collect in logs, define thresholds for alerts and automatic actions
✓Unified view into performance of networks, servers and applications
✓View part performance data in a variety of ways
✓Out-of-the-box support for many vendors and operating systems
Network Monitoring
op5 Monitor provides you with network monitoring capabilities to not only verify the performance of your network but also to provide you the ability to proactively respond to network outages. With op5 Monitor you can monitor, manage and measure key performance metrics in your network. This network monitoring capabilities provides real-time visibility of outages the second they occur. op5 Monitor will also graphically display network bandwidth utilization and resource consumption.
op5 Monitor network monitoring allows you to keep tabs if a server or service is online or not and get an accurate layout of your network dependencies. Get easily understood reports of your overall network state or a detailed overview of specific to a single device with the alerts you want, wherever you are via or op5 Monitoring App for Android and iOS. op5 Monitor network monitoring capabilities allows organizations to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure efficiently and more cost effective.
Network monitoring benefits :
✓Track response time, availability, performance of your monitored network components
✓Quickly identify network outages the second they occur
✓Become proactive in your IT management
✓Find & fix network issues before your business is affected
✓See network device status changes as they happen
Unified Monitoring
If you have a large or business critical IT-network a unified view is key to successful IT-management. Having all of your network data easily accessible and understandable in a single dashboard view keeps you informed not only of your networks current health, but also where actions might need to be taken in the future.
Unified Monitoring makes it possible to have a birds-eye view on the entire network, applications, cloud based services and their current status and health. This includes monitoring devices and services, independent of underlying platforms and technologies, in order to receive alarms and notifications, as well as quick and easy trouble-shooting with detailed event correlation.
Key benefits :
✓Vendor independent, technology transparent solution
✓Administrators can have one interface instead of many, increasing productivity and responsiveness
✓Comprehensive, yet easy to understand, overview that enables simple root cause analysis
✓No more isolated monitoring islands
✓Reports that can present and visualize enterprise wide data
✓Direct display on what services are affected by a particular problem.