How to choose the right VoIP phones for your needs

VOIP phones are designed for use in the process of transmitting voice over a system with a virtual address (IP), It converts the normal voice in the phone into a suitable format to be sent over the Internet, It also digitally converts the incoming voice into a regular voice call. A VOIP phone helps you to use VOIP technology without using a computer. All you need is an internet connection.

from the first look, A VOIP phone is similar to any regular phone, wired or wireless, with the usual equipment from the voice transmitter through the ear and mouth, You can get high quality audio that is very similar to what you get from a CD, Some phones also allow the transfer of information in the form of images during calls, and these are called video calls.

Here are some points you should think about before buying VOIP phones


Of course, features will be the first thing you think of when looking for a VOIP phone, but you should consider the price and your budget. Make a list of the devices you need, The size of your team as well as a future outlook if you plan to increase the number of employees, When you get a certain number of phone numbers that you want to get, you will have to think about the total amount you will spend on them.

the use

After you have the required budget, you must decide the type of phone that you will invest your money in. You can choose the same model for all your employees or choose models and features based on their needs and requirements, It is possible that I choose a phone with two lines for an employee who does not need to use more than one line for internal calls. As for the employee who deals with a large number of lines, he may need a six-line phone with a headset.


Before you finally buy, Ask yourself if the phones you have chosen will be useful in the future, In a growing business you may go for mid-level phones that can be used as the business grows without putting in a budget hurdle, If you are a business, you may also invest in higher priced phones for use in conference calls and voice mail in addition to multiple uses.

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VoIP PBX System Explanation: Its benefits and where it can be used

A VOIP PBX is a business phone system that is very similar to a PBX, The difference between the two systems is that the traditional PBX system is used for switching networks while the VOIP PBX system uses the corporate network or the Wide Area Network (WAN).

The system is also known as IP PBX and it is able to switch between calls over the Internet (VOIP), local calls (Local) and regular phones, as is the case in the PBX system, and this system can be set up through specific hardware or software.

PBX has become highly dependent on VOIP technology

Traditional telephone systems or signal division (TDM) and PBX systems have developed greatly, and the technology of transmitting digital voice communications has become common, and traditional systems have begun to fuse themselves within VOIP networks, If your company uses analog phones, you’re probably not alone. Where these units are quickly replaced by hybrid devices that combine the two systems and these devices have a PBX system that works in analogue and with a VOIP system, Another benefit of hybrid systems is that they save money and costs.

Benefits of using a VOIP PBX system instead of traditional systems

One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP PBX system is the features that you will get with its software application. Last Call and the simultaneous ringing of several calls to the same number will not be enjoyed by owners of analogue systems.

When using a phone with a virtual address (IP), it can be programmed in a way that allows receiving external calls, where the first call goes to a cell phone while the rest of the calls are directed to voice mail.

Another feature of the VoIP PBX system is the ability to send a copy of the voice mail within a text message or email.

Users can also video chat using the office phone or a video phone when using VoIP technology, it is not necessary to have a special system.

There is also a feature that allows the audio to be integrated into other applications, As an example, an employee can always access the notes from a previous conversation when he needs it while talking to a customer.

In addition to mobile applications that keep you in constant contact with co-workers wherever you are

And detailed reports of all calls and missed calls, which helps us to follow up correctly with customers

In addition to recording calls for employees in order to manage quality and increase the productivity of the company

Where can you use the VoIP PBX system

You can use VoIP to save money too, Where you can use it instead of having to wait for the maintenance period of the telecom company to increase its capacity, In addition to reducing the number of necessary devices.

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Modern communication systems for hotels

There is no doubt that the communication system is one of the necessary systems for every hotel, to the extent that some countries put laws that require hotels to put a phone in every room for reasons of security and safety. Telephone systems have been a good source of income for hotels through the use of phones by guests and making local and international calls to the extent that it has become It has royalties The ROI of the communication system in the hotel is less than a year in some hotels, but the situation changed after the spread of mobile phones, finding that hotel guests began to use their personal phones in all their communications, because this might save them from using the hotel phone, and thus the cost of the communication system became borne by the hotel without profitable returns, but With the emergence of the generation of communication systems via the Internet, the situation changed and hotels were given the possibility to profit from the communication system again if this system was flexible and enjoys features and services that enrich the experience of staying in the hotel, raise the efficiency of workers and raise their productivity .

Therefore, at Premiertech Integrated Solutions, we provide modern communication systems for hotels, which give the hotel flexibility in work and ease of development without replacing a lot of devices, as well as an integrated communication system that provides a distinguished service for guests so that they can use their internal number in the hotel from anywhere in the hotel through an application on their mobile phone with all flexibility.

The following are the features offered by the system for hotels:

The communication system is characterized by many and varied specifications for hotel applications. This system is fully compatible with most P.M.S hotel management systems or Property Management Systems – and allows the following operations to be performed from P.M.S

Guest check-in: The phone is locked in the room and no external call can be made from it. Once the guest is registered in the reception and the room is reserved for him, the phone is opened and the guest is allowed to make local and international calls according to the privileges granted to him by the receptionist, as well as by booking a private voice mail for the guest – all of this is done automatically Once the guest is registered at the reception

Guest check-out: When the guest leaves through the P.M.S system, this system sends a check out message with the room number to the communication system, which turns off the telephone in the room and prevents any external communication from the device. The communication system also clears the voice mail box.

– Scheduling calls to wake up guests: When the guest needs an alarm to wake up from sleep, he can do so by pressing a button on the phone, where an automatic device responds to him and asks him to enter the time he wants – and at that time the phone rings until the guest picks up the phone where he hears a reminder from the communication device that this is the time he asked to He wakes up and gives him the option to go to the hotel restaurant to deliver breakfast to his room – or turn off the phone

– Invoices: The system makes the calculations for all the calls made from the room and issues a detailed invoice for the calls.

We always strive in Primetech to develop your business and help improve profit opportunities through the best means of communication.

Video Conferencing Equipment

It has become a standard in small and large businesses around the world but not without reason, Since video conferencing allows people to talk face to face even if they are in different countries around the world, Choosing a good system can help establish communication between employees, Better user service and improved relationship between speaking people.

The options for video conferencing equipment are many, and each one has a certain advantage over others. So read on to get a better idea of ​​how to choose fixtures to suit your need.

Compare Video Conferencing Equipment Prices and Buy


Budget is very important. No matter the size of your company, you will be able to find fixtures to suit all needs. With a low budget, you should look for tools that are able to create a video conference for free, Find software within your budget and keep your expectations of the features you will need, for example, you will not be able to get a video conference in high definition.

Video conferencing features

Along with the budget, You will also need to have a list of irreplaceable features. The advanced features come at a high price. If you want to use the equipment to talk with one participant, there is no need to purchase tools that enable you to talk with 20 participants at the same time. In this case an account on the Skype service will be more than enough.

Talk to service providers about your requirements

If you really have a budget and a list of properties you want, The next step you should do is contact a video conferencing equipment vendor. You have to be upfront about your office and your expectations and this in turn will help the vendor to provide you with a system that is suitable for your requirements.

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VoIP technology is an alternative to traditional phone lines in the organization

If you are thinking of saving a lot of money your organization spends on exorbitant phone bills, As well as obtaining many services that are impossible to be available to you in a traditional telephone environment, Like your employees can work on the phone from anywhere else, As well as holding video meetings between them, as well as presenting periodic reports on the phone and video communications in the organization and other wonderful services VoIP technology can help you reach your goal easily.

What do we mean by VoIP?

This technology is considered a way to link voice conversations over the Internet with the same phone number of the organization, which is approved by the telecommunications company, But it does not work as the current traditional situation in many organizations through dial-up, Thus, through this technology, any number of people connected together in one network can talk by phone using it at a significantly lower cost.

This technology will greatly benefit organizations that need continuous communication between their team members, As well as continuous communication with beneficiaries at home or abroad. It will completely replace the traditional phone.

In the following lines, let’s talk a little bit about this technique:

1. Cost saving

Cost savings for users: Calling through this technology saves a lot of cost because what is paid for this service is fixed as a monthly subscription, and the connection is open around the clock. The cost of international calls through this technology is cheaper than any other means of communication.

Saving cost on service providers: because this technology depends more on software than on equipment; making it easier to maintain, In addition to the fact that problems are often known and equipment is less damaged, the cost is lower (it may be that the installation cost is high, but then the cost is reduced).

2. Flexibility

The user of this service does not need to be in one place only; Rather, it can be used anywhere, even in the case of traveling to another country, and internal calls continue to be received as if they were in the same country and at the same tariff, due to their dependence on the network (the Internet).

Allow users to mount their phones anywhere in the office, By connecting their phones to the nearest network slot while keeping their current number. Calls can also be transferred to anywhere in the world due to the characteristics of the SIP protocol.

3. Scalability

The ability to grow with the increasing needs, it is possible to expand and increase new lines easily by purchasing the necessary equipment (VoIP Phone) and connecting it to the network without the need for separate connections or by installing software on the device.

4. Services

This service contains all regular phone services in addition to other services such as the ability to group conversations – voice mail – the ability to customize tones – the ability to keep and add the details of the people calling them – and the ability to control numbers. .

5. Standard

VoIP phone systems are standard first-class systems. All modern VoIP phone systems use SIP as their protocol. This means that you will often be able to use any SIP VOIP phone or VoIP gateway devices or vice versa. The traditional phone system often requires special phones to use advanced features, And special sub-modules to add some features.

6. Ease of use

VoIP Phone System allows you to easily repair and tune your phone system with a GUI based illustration facilitating installation process, system control and reporting, While other private phones often have difficulties in use because of their interfaces, which are often designed for a specialist to install and use these devices.

7. Possibility to integrate audio, video and data technologies at the same time

The use of voice over the Internet technology allows users to use all applications that are carried out on the Internet, such as working on any program or using e-mail in addition to communications, where the same network is used for voice, image and data. In this way it allows the user to save effort and money at the same time.

8. Ease of communication between branches and offices

If the organization has branches scattered across the country or the world, This technology allows you to easily communicate employees between branches, regardless of the distances between them, at a very low cost, Also, any employee in any branch of the organization can answer any phone for other branches of the organization with few powers, Because their central system is one.

How does VoIP technology work

VoIP technology converts traditional (Analog Signals) from the telephone into digital signals (Digital Signals); This signal is divided into data packets, It uses the Internet Protocol (IP) to send these digital packets through several paths in the same data network provided by the telecommunications company. When these packets arrive at the specified destination (the receiver), they recombine the transmitted packets so that they can be clearly heard, unlike normal communications, It uses only one specific path. If the other party (the receiver) is a regular telephone, the signal is converted back into audio signals to be understood by the receiver.


From the foregoing, it becomes clear the importance of VoIP technology and that it is considered as an alternative solution to the traditional telephone network. due to its flexibility and low cost of communication; especially international, And because it is easy to use, as its interface uses the Internet and the additional features and services it offers make it easier for the user to perform the connection in an effective manner.

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