About Us

Premier Tech For Integrated Solutions is a business technology consulting firm focused on small and mid-sized businesses in Palestine. Our focus is the improvement of your business through the proper and appropriate use of technology.
We believe that having the right technology deployed for you business can be the difference between getting that next deal or not, between keeping your customers satisfied and coming back or losing them to a competitor, and between being an industry leader or falling to the back of the line.
Our clients recognize that technology plays an important role in the success of their business and they view technology as an asset and a differentiator in the marketplace, not as merely a necessary expense. They understand that having the right systems in place gives them an advantage over their competitors, the ability to better service their customers and the best opportunity for profitable growth. If your business is struggling, if your customers are not receiving the sort of service you know they need, if you are spending more time managing your systems than growing your business, we want to help. Contact us today for a no-cost initial consultation or network assessment. We have over 15 years of experience implementing and managing technology solutions, but more importantly we have just as many years of experience in the business area. We understand a finical statement. We understand cash flow. We understand the meaning of the word profit. Choosing a technology partner to go to the marketplace with is one of the biggest decisions that a business can make. If you are not working with a true business technology advisor, if you are beginning to second-guess the decision you made to engage with your current provider, or if you just want the opportunity to find out how we could benefit your business, we are happy to meet with you.

Our Mission

  • To partner with highly skilled goal-specific service providers who will add value to our service, enabling us to provide premium solutions to meet customers' needs in the most practical and cost effective way.
  • To delight our customers and enhance shareholder value by getting service delivery right, first time, on time, every time.
  • Premier Tech is committed in offering the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to resolve network communication solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to satisfy our clients needs to increase their market competitiveness. In order to establish a lasting business relationship of trust with our clients, we would work hand in glove with our customers.
  • To provide customers with the highest level of service backed by a genuine commitment to honesty, quality and dedication and to meet their needs as their businesses continue to change and grow.

Our Vision

  • Voice, video, data and mobile devices melding into one rich unified communications system all based upon standard technologies. Our goal is to bring this capability to our customers, affordably and reliably. By accomplishing our goal, your communications will be transformed and company productivity improved.
  • The vision of the company is to be recognized as a local leader in providing the best of breed technology solutions. Through our support for innovation and continuous insistence on quality, we aim at consistently enable the region’s access to the most advanced set of technologies thus ensuring competitiveness and economic viability of Palestine.
  • To remain committed to excellence in providing leading ICT solutions and services and to focus on helping our customers operating at the best in a very competitive and challenging environment.
  • To reinforce our leadership position across the markets in which we operate through our strong alliances with worldwide technology leaders and our partnerships with renowned solutions providers.
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