2X Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS – Remote Application Server
Reduce Complexity

Parallels RAS delivers applications, data and virtual desktops from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load-balancing and complete network transparency.
Application delivery

Reduce costs

Easy to install and configure, Parallels RAS extends the life of your hard- and software by delivering virtual desktops to any device, even if it operates on legacy OS such as Windows XP.

Value your investment

Parallels RAS allows you to leverage existing infrastructure, offering the possibility to mix and manage Citrix, Microsoft and VMware hypervisors at the same time.
Application delivery

Effortless client management

Parallels RAS reduces desktop admin with easily manageable clients. Setting desktop policies, administering files and virtualizing applications on any Windows desktop has never been easier.

Effortless Virtualization

Parallels RAS delivers applications to any user, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device in use. For example, Parallels RAS can deliver MS Office to your Chromebooks. Working remotely has never been easier.

Application delivery

Deploy applications with a rich and high-performance experience on any device. Sync files and applications across all your devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Remote desktop & VDI

Give access to remote desktop services and VDI to any user on any device. Deliver the same features and functionality, with the same interface, regardless of the technology in use.

Universal Printing & Scanning

Transform any device into a full workstation with printing and scanning capability. Printing redirection autoconfigured forHTML5 gateway, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and Windows.

Reporting – Monitoring

The revolutionary reporting engine provides constant monitoring of your infrastructure. It delivers information that helps administrators adjust systems for better performance and efficiency. Sitting between the servers and the users, Parallels RAS gathers important data about user preferences, active periods, idle periods, and resources utilized to support the connection.

Comprehensive security

Centralize and protect your data with a double layer of security. Protect your assets from loss and leakage to meet compliance and risk management policies

Real time monitoring

Monitor server workload and active remote connections in real time. Check out user, device and group activity at one go, from the central console.

Straightforward reporting

Use the automatic reports to obtain a clear analysis of your infrastructure performance, usage and risk. End-user session visibility indicates the main offenders and which applications or desktops they have used.

Windows Client Management

Parallels Remote Application Server revolutionizes the management of fat, ‘administration-hungry’ clients on your network – by turning them into pseudo thin clients. The embedded 2X Client Manager module centrally manages user connections, PCs, and PCs converted into thin clients.

Local and remote application

Create and administer an operations policy to define which local and remote applications are allowed on your Windows desktops. Gain full control and maximize flexibility.

Remote assistance

Shadow Windows machines for faster and better troubleshooting. You can shadow both local and remote desktops at the same time.

Extend the lifespan of your hardware

Publish the latest versions of applications even on legacy OS machines. Convert Windows XP, 7 and 8 clients into pseudo thin clients.

Load Balancing – High Availability

With Parallels Remote Application Server, setting up load balancing – high availability for terminal servers and gateways is easy, without any need for complex configuration. Parallels RAS ensures complete terminal server and gateway redundancy by checking availability before forwarding a connection.

Workload based balancing

Distribute workload among servers and gateways based on the resources available. Improve user experience dramatically with the built-in load balancing.

Simplified business continuity

Easily add extra gateways, publishing agents and backup servers to your configuration, to guarantee effective and reliable business continuity.

Gateway High availability

Ensure the availability of key services and applications. Achieve redundancy and resilience by eliminating the single points of failure. Make your datacenter unstoppable.